Junior Achievement of the Philippines

A design I made for the Junior Achievement of the Philippines Organization through a middleman last year. If you happen to visit their website which he made I don’t know when, you will see that my design has been perverted in glorious proportions. This middleman hasn’t paid me anything for all the tremendous time that I’ve spent in this project. He also took the very essence of my design—including the colors—and made it his own. Shame!

I have also made at least 8 website designs for him for about a couple of months—this was my fifth design. Hoping that all of my designs will be paid in full once a project is done, but not a single penny came. I don’t know what had happened to my other designs, I’m still monitoring all the websites that I made designs for. I do hope that he won’t use my other designs anymore. As for this, I’m considering to take legal action in due time.

All placeholder graphics and images are copyrighted by their respective owners unless otherwise stated.

JAPI_ONLINE JAPI_website_revised


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