Lion & Lamb

Hi guys! I’m so excited to present to you my latest project! I’ve just finished today my reworked logo of Lion and Lamb, my upcoming clothing business. It will be a mix of urban style, hipster clothing and avant-garde design.

I’ve been planning all these years to start a small clothing business and hopefully this year I will be able to jump-start this project! Without further ado, here is my brand new logo!


Here is the logo that I’ve made from 2012. You can see that I have totally restructured the whole look of the recent logo.

Lion_Lamb_Logo_Sample_3If you want to visit the Facebook page, please click here. Just like the page and I will cut off a generous amount of 20% on your first order! What are you waiting for! [READ CAREFULLY: It’s still under construction so there’s really nothing to see yet, but I’ll upload the designs one handful at a time. As soon as you see a design posted, you may pre-order with your full name on the photo. I will update you guys once order processing system is done, probably in two weeks or three. Thank you very much in advance!]

ãè7•w£ÛOڟV3E Tö»&KÚ4hcGô›ê9©¦Rá°Íç7¥tÜüëpî¶Ê_Y0öW»èŸ©½ìô?súë_/êݽ9ã7¥Þç]AyÚAoÒ÷µ¬nÏë­©ùÝёNÜ¡mE™.sÙPdû­p7{v·þùÖ"àgfæ暭é2Œ±ôíýá£gÚo¢ÃüÕÿ™è>Ä2Jvx~Zý.¨‡ kWà¦ýe§?˜ýE€¾·½àîp¬À#eí¤²ê=¿Ì?mµªp׉Uý×^ÁœÂæoÇ/±½ãoè²"ÏBí¾Ÿ¨ÏI/¬}8ôpKÛjeV4m6ƒ¿s®oôŠ^ÇzOcÖÞïëx¹9•×뺢Ç8èàL¶ó~°c½Fz•ïÿ„QÐâ‰ÒuüZ&5¬«±þ«™™wO¯6Ì·öaYm›úíú.õZÖۑ³èoô×f~U÷¶Û¬0ѹÖO½ÞßåYôÿÒ.®ì#_IoOÊÍfÌf>]-úa¬ZÆ·ó›éYú:žÿ ¹þ§Òs:uU^ú붋´´Î¤nh.k·5ÿÛÿÔrræF–MŸbÜâTMËo£^n{+q.Ýܑ9öú·­ê­n;}RÖîk¤é¯¦¬]þrãq2v€+s˛<þèÔ.µ´œšcÜ74n¾kê{wUI1G͊&ÃÿйÑ1ºˆ—:EÇV‘ü‹¡õÂÇYӅ.ö¿p“ÚV}­®Œªö?³ûOï5ߘ¨ôÚo7‡lqdÃãQ󅩕Ӎ‡sF‚¾@׺ŒÐ+ú9Ù¸x審åõ4î‘ô‡Ýô•öäœÑvK¤ÜƆ^̀´ˆÆÊs´ÝþŠËVU¹™®ôë$‰þh‚`Ýüäveu*òÙÔ.m´ÝÀ}¬ <ðNÕ­èi@„Ô’×Ac¡Í:™ÃÔ³k;5V^úrv}uŠl¬5ù8GGjv—c7ü-müÿÜU…XÇâ4X׺Z7|LÉE6×R|üvÕ²Çlmyøë¹K¤uv›[–kší¥®m¿Bæ{ì÷«3õŠñl-°²qŒ~‰®þK}»ÖSè¶ôüº™'5™ôeÍqy'ô.qk¿KùÛöûЄc;‰5Ù|å(Ԁ}K/)´}šÉ5˜5
Photo courtesy of Google available under reuse with modification license.




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