You are not beaten
Your strength isn’t broken
Your heart keeps beating

Have faith

When your ears start to get numb
By the sound of a thousand cries
And your knees can’t lift you up

Look up

A glimpse of hope there is
When mountains fall around you
And the grounds below cut open
Nothing will shake your courage

Nothing will

This is something to remind you
When the earth forgets your name
At the roundabout of time

Look up

Behind the clouds where
The sun shines brightest
Streams of dreams endure
At the top of the mountains

iamthe_avatar ©2015

DSC_2386-Nepal-Earthquake 68292 Nepal Earthquake 2015 Image: TOPSHOTS-NEPAL-EVEREST BASE CAMP-AVALANCHE 682463_1280x720 APTOPIX Nepal Earthquake NEPAL-QUAKE Nepal Earthquake nepal_earthquake_adam_ferguson_2015_02217 Nepal Bereaved Family nepal-quake maxresdefault T0504KATHMANDU_C_HR Powerful earthquake hits Nepal Kathmandu Struck By Powerful Earthquake Nepal skynews.img.1200.745 Nepal-Earthquake-4 20150504001128763921-original Man runs past damaged houses as aftershocks of an earthquake are felt a day after the earthquake in Bhaktapur Sonit Awal nepali-baby #CHINA-HENGYANG-NEPAL EARTHQUAKE-PRAYING (CN) #CHINA-HENGYANG-NEPAL EARTHQUAKE-PRAYING (CN)


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